Charlene for State Senator

CD_Head_and_shoulders_tight_1MB.jpgMy name is Charlene DiCalogero, and I'm running for State Senator for Worcester & Middlesex. I am running because our towns still need a Senator who cares about the people.

Experience and Commitment

I currently serve as a Library Trustee of Berlin, MA, and regularly participate in Town Meeting.

My years of professional administrative and policy experience in higher education and nonprofits are important assets I would bring to this office. Through my paid work and volunteer commitments, I have gained extensive experience in planning, advocacy, budgeting, grants, contracts, and personnel matters, often leading teams and committees.

I enjoy listening to residents about what you like about towns, region and state, as well as your ideas for how we can improve them together.

I will be an independent advocate for our district and the Commonwealth, working for a just, Green economy that works for everyone, and a true democracy for the 99%. 

We can create an economy with a minimum wage that is a living wage, and revive our main streets. We can have a fair share revenue system to fund education, health care and other public goods, while saving the planet from global warming.

We can have health care, social supports, jobs and decent homes for people. Health care must be accessible to all, including those with mental health and addiction struggles. We need better ways of homing and helping our elders who need care, so caregiving families and friends can help without losing their homes, jobs and health.

We can have public education, preK through college, that is excellent, fairly funded, and uses best approaches to teaching and learning for all students, while being responsive to student, family and community interests.

We can have a government that is of, by and for the people, rather than the wealthy 1% and multi-national corporations.

If we work together, we can make it happen. I ask for your support for my truly grassroots campaign, and to vote for me in the special election on December 5th.



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