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Check out the many terrific endorsements from folks in our district, in MA, and at the national level, the wonderful Lisa Savage, running for U.S. Senate in Maine, where she will be on Ranked Choice Vote ballots!

My name is Charlene DiCalogero, and I'm running for State Representative in the 12th Worcester district. I am running to give the residents of Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster, Northborough and Sterling an energetic and independent new voice in the State House.

Our district needs someone in the State House to vote on what matters for you, and out in the towns listening to your concerns.

I can't think of a more critical time to bring fresh perspectives and a record of working for fairness and justice in healthcare, education, housing, living wages, environment and human rights to our district and the State House. As a Clean and Green candidate, you know I take donations only from individuals and not SuperPACs or corporate lobbyists. That means I will be independent of the party machines who ignore ordinary people's needs while catering to the wealthy 1%.

People know I have a strong track record as a local public official and active community member--I show up, I listen, and I advocate for what our people need. One Berlin voter who learned about my run for office declared, "we know we can trust you."

We can get people the healthcare they need during and after this pandemic, provide financial help for people who've lost jobs or closed small businesses, create good paying jobs, fix income inequality, and have a fair tax system, while saving the planet from global warming.

We can have public education, from early childhood to K-12 to higher education, that is excellent, fairly funded, and uses best approaches to teaching and learning for all students, while being responsive to student, family and community interests.

We can have a government that is of, by and for the 99%, the true "we the people."

This will be a historic win, opening up more choices for voters across the state, if you help get an alternative party candidate for People, Planet and Peace into the State House.

If we work together, we can make it happen. I ask for your support for my truly grassroots campaign, and to vote for me in the September 1st Green-Rainbow primary and in the November 3rd 2020 general election.

With your help, we did it!

The Supreme Judicial Court's April 17th ruling acknowledged the impact of the pandemic on candidates' ability to collect nomination signatures. The SJC made several accommodations, including allowing state and federal candidates to collect 50% of the signatures normally required, and a little extra time to get papers certified. 

My team and I mailed over 120 nomination papers to voters in our district. We successfully collected 128 certified signatures, and the Elections Division has stated that Charlene is on the ballot.

Thank you to all who helped and are cheering on our campaign.

If you'd like to join Charlene's team to help us reach the voters for the Sept 1st primary, and the Nov 3rd general: Get Involved

If you live in the district and plan to vote in the Green-Rainbow primary, please sign the voter pledge .

If you'd like to donate to help us print and mail postcards and door hangers, publicize online forums, and livestream events online: Donate

PS: If you're not sure how or whether you're registered, or want to change your registration to U or J to be able to vote in the Green-Rainbow Party primary for Charlene, you can go to the MA Online Voter Registration website:

Charlene is running as a proud member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts. As a Clean and Green candidate, she takes only low donations from individuals, and refuses to accept money from corporate lobbyists and SuperPACs. If you want a candidate who listens to you and not the big money, volunteer, donate and most of all, vote for Charlene.


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