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    Charlene for State Rep 2020


    Check out the many terrific endorsements from folks in our district, in MA, and at the national level, the wonderful Lisa Savage, running for U.S. Senate in Maine, where she will be on Ranked Choice Vote ballots!

    My name is Charlene DiCalogero, and I'm running for State Representative in the 12th Worcester district. I am running to give the residents of Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster, Northborough and Sterling an energetic and independent new voice in the State House.

    Our district needs someone in the State House to vote on what matters for you, and out in the towns listening to your concerns.

    I can't think of a more critical time to bring fresh perspectives and a record of working for fairness and justice in healthcare, education, housing, living wages, environment and human rights to our district and the State House. As a Clean and Green candidate, you know I take donations only from individuals and not SuperPACs or corporate lobbyists. That means I will be independent of the party machines who ignore ordinary people's needs while catering to the wealthy 1%.

    People know I have a strong track record as a local public official and active community member--I show up, I listen, and I advocate for what our people need. One Berlin voter who learned about my run for office declared, "we know we can trust you."

    We can get people the healthcare they need during and after this pandemic, provide financial help for people who've lost jobs or closed small businesses, create good paying jobs, fix income inequality, and have a fair tax system, while saving the planet from global warming.

    We can have public education, from early childhood to K-12 to higher education, that is excellent, fairly funded, and uses best approaches to teaching and learning for all students, while being responsive to student, family and community interests.

    We can have a government that is of, by and for the 99%, the true "we the people."

    This will be a historic win, opening up more choices for voters across the state, if you help get an alternative party candidate for People, Planet and Peace into the State House.

    If we work together, we can make it happen. I ask for your support for my truly grassroots campaign, and to vote for me in the September 1st Green-Rainbow primary and in the November 3rd 2020 general election.

    With your help, we did it!

    The Supreme Judicial Court's April 17th ruling acknowledged the impact of the pandemic on candidates' ability to collect nomination signatures. The SJC made several accommodations, including allowing state and federal candidates to collect 50% of the signatures normally required, and a little extra time to get papers certified. 

    My team and I mailed over 120 nomination papers to voters in our district. We successfully collected 128 certified signatures, and the Elections Division has stated that Charlene is on the ballot.

    Thank you to all who helped and are cheering on our campaign.

    If you'd like to join Charlene's team to help us reach the voters for the Sept 1st primary, and the Nov 3rd general: Get Involved

    If you live in the district and plan to vote in the Green-Rainbow primary, please sign the voter pledge .

    If you'd like to donate to help us print and mail postcards and door hangers, publicize online forums, and livestream events online: Donate

    PS: If you're not sure how or whether you're registered, or want to change your registration to U or J to be able to vote in the Green-Rainbow Party primary for Charlene, you can go to the MA Online Voter Registration website:

    Charlene is running as a proud member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts. As a Clean and Green candidate, she takes only low donations from individuals, and refuses to accept money from corporate lobbyists and SuperPACs. If you want a candidate who listens to you and not the big money, volunteer, donate and most of all, vote for Charlene.


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    On September 1, 2020, can I count on your vote in the state primary?

    9 votes

    Charlene DiCalogero is working hard for the people of the Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster, Northborough and Sterling (the 12th Worcester district) right now, and she could do so much more as an elected State Representative.

    Please let me know where you stand in this election for an energetic new voice in the State House, on behalf of the people of our six towns. If you want someone who's independent of the entrenched parties and of wealthy special interests, I am that candidate. Will you take advantage of this historic opportunity for a real choice and vote for Charlene DiCalogero on September 1st, so she can go forward to the November 3, 2020 general election?


    Pledge your vote

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    State Rep candidate signs No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge: 'The Planet is Counting on Us'

    On August 1, 2020, Charlene DiCalogero became the latest candidate to sign the Better Future Action No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. The Green-Rainbow Party candidate, who is the only alternative party candidate running in the 2020 MA legislative primaries, said, "We need a majority of candidates in our state to refuse all fossil fuel contributions, as I will."

    See Charlene's No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge poster.

    News on the climate emergency is increasingly shocking: a massive ice shelf just collapsed unexpectedly in the Arctic, fires that raged over millions of acres, killing 3 billion animals (Australia), and "significant drought" and heat waves right here in MA. Meanwhile, the MA State Legislature has consistently failed to pass serious climate legislation to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions and protect lives in the state.

    "We need a State Rep with the courage, commitment and integrity to push through legislation to stem the worst of the climate emergency and create a Green economy with good jobs," said DiCalogero. "I am the candidate you can count on stand up for effective action. Because the planet is counting on us."

    To learn more about Charlene DiCalogero's run for 12th Worcester State Rep, and to get involved, visit

    Charlene signs municipal officials' letter to support 100% Renewable Energy bill in State House

    Charlene DiCalogero was one of more than 150 office holders from around the state to sign a letter delivered to legislative leaders on July 2nd to move the 100% Renewable Energy Act, filed by Representative Marjorie Decker and Representative Sean Garballey, out of committee and up for a vote, according to the Fall River Reporter.

    After the letter was delivered, DiCalogero noted, "As an activist and town official concerned about the effects of global warming on our communities, I know speeding up the conversion from fossil fuels to renewables is urgently needed." She is currently Chair of the Berlin Library Trustees, and the Green-Rainbow Party candidate for State Representative in the Clinton-area 12th Worcester district.

    The bill will transition Massachusetts to 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and 100% renewable energy for heating and transportation by 2045. A majority of legislators in both chambers have endorsed this bill or similar legislation filed in the Senate by Senator Jamie Eldridge (S.1958).

    Charlene has advocated for years at the State House as a member of 350 Central Mass, who along with groups such as the MA Sierra Club and Environment Massachusetts, are organizing to get Massachusetts to take serious action on the climate emergency and climate justice.

    "Whether or not this bill passes in 2020, it's clear we need independent state legislators committed to acting with urgency on the multiple crises of racism, COVID, economic injustice, and global warming. I warmly invite everyone concerned about any and all of these issues to join my campaign for a Green future for the 99% by volunteering, donating whatever you can, and letting friends in our towns know about my historic campaign."

    Charlene DiCalogero is running for State Representative to represent the towns of Berlin, Boylston, Clinton, Lancaster, Northborough and Sterling. You can contact the campaign at

    Black Lives Matter in Sterling, Berlin


    On June 13th, Charlene DiCalogero stood out with residents of the towns of Sterling and Berlin, as well as the large Worcester Common demonstration and march on June 6th, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement demanding justice for the police killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other Black people.

    Afterward  she declared, "I stand with Black and Brown people who are demanding that all people, including white people with the most power to be heard in this country and state, act to end the system of white supremacy that results in the maiming and murder of so many Black men, women and children in our communities."

    As State Representative, Charlene will work to eliminate barriers to voting, redistrict for more fair representation, and publicly fund state, district and local campaigns, to end the stranglehold of wealthy interests on our elections and public policy.

    "I want to see more women of all colors, and Black, Brown, Indigenous and New Americans running for and winning office and making policy. My agenda for accessible and transparent elections and government will make it easier for community leaders with great ideas and small wallets to make Massachusetts better for everyone. 

    "Who's in office matters. Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth Bill Galvin, a Democrat and not a person of color, hired and paid Crosscheck--the company known to have illegally purged hundreds of thousands of Black voters and voters with Spanish and Asian surnames from ballots in many states--to look for alleged fraudulent double voting in the state until at least 2017."(1)

    As a Green-Rainbow Party state leader, Charlene has attended many public forums on issues of interest to underrepresented constituencies to learn and to encourage Black, Brown, Latinx, Indigenous, and other leaders to run for public office.


    (1) Double voting is a phenomenon experts say is 'nonexistent.' See See also

    Charlene signs Voters Deserve to Know pledge, vows to do more


    On May 30th, 2020, Charlene DiCalogero signed the Voters Deserve to Know pledge.  The organization Act on Mass, an organization created by a group of young political activists, created the pledge to make our state legislature, currently one of the most secretive in the nation, into a body that informs our residents--the people whom they're supposed to work for, and who pay their salaries--which legislators are voting for or against bills, whether in committee or in overall House or Senate recorded votes.



    "If elected to the 12th Worcester State Rep seat, I will not only honor this pledge, I will push for fully transparent proceedings of the Massachusetts State Legislature," said DiCalogero, who is currently serving as the Chair of the Berlin Library Trustees.

    She continued,"As a 350 Central Mass climate emergency activist and a member of MA Alliance Against Predatory Lending (MAAPL), I have seen dozens of bills that if passed could have helped ordinary people across the Commonwealth, be quietly and anonymously killed by the State House and Senate. Meanwhile, bad bills, such as the 2016 "Act to Clear Titles on Foreclosed Properties," which reduced homeowners' right to sue for illegal foreclosure from 20 years to 1 year, were forced through with a vote of questionable legality. MA voters want and deserve better."

    Other democracy-related improvements the Green-Rainbow Party candidate would introduce to the legislature include:

    • bills to make it easier to vote, e.g., Election Day registration, vote by mail;
    • bills to get private money out of elections and government, e.g., equal public-only funding for candidates running for the same type of seat in elections so more low- and moderate-income people and Black, Brown and immigrant candidates can run, and rich individuals and corporate lobbyists can no longer hijack the policy process;
    • bills to make it easier to run for office, e.g, lower the number of signatures candidates need to collect to get on district and state ballots; and
    • a bill to end unlimited donations for ballot initiatives, and unlimited donations from any individuals, candidate committees or political committees, including the candidates themselves to their own campaigns.

    350 Central Mass draws activists from towns and cities in Worcester County, including from the 12th Worcester district, working to stem the climate crisis and for climate and environmental justice through education, advocacy, and direct action. MAAPL is an anti-foreclosure coalition formed in the wake of the 2008 mortgage lending financial scandal that has deprived thousands of MA homeowners and renters of their homes.

    See who's endorsing Charlene for State Representative!

    From Charlene DiCalogero's State Senate campaign in the 2017 Special Election

    See Charlene's kickoff video!

    This video is an overview of what I stand for as a candidate for State Senator: 11 views and values I hold for our 11 towns and cities, seen here in a video shot by supporter Jay Cross with help from Josiah Cross.

    Charlene DiCalogero interviewed on WPKZ drive-time radio broadcast

    On Tuesday, November 28th, Green-Rainbow candidate Charlene DiCalogero was the first State Senate candidate to be interviewed on "Morning Kommute with Travis and Sherman," the morning drive-time show on 105.3FM/AM1280 WPKZ. The segment was also streamed live at . The candidate addressed questions on education, the state's criminal justice reform bill, and her principled low-donations clean money campaign.


    Charlene_w_Fburg_sign.jpgCharlene congratulates Fitchburg Pride on Gateway Cities Award

    Charlene DiCalogero, as part of her commitment to support all the towns and cities of the Worcester and Middlesex district, attended the 5th annual Gateway Cities Innovation Institute Summit and Awards, presented by MassInc in Lawrence, MA on November 15th. Fitchburg Pride was one of 8 organizations to win the Gateway Cities Innovation Award. She congratulated Marc Dohan, one of the Board members of the nonprofit, whose mission is to provide "support, training, publicity, networking opportunities, and guidance for existing and potential businesses within the city of Fitchburg, MA."

    During the summit, focused on "Building Vibrant Places," she met numerous leaders in the fields of community development, including the keynote speaker Mark Davy, an internationally recognized thought-leader in the ­fields of creative placemaking and cultural branding. "I believe our cities and towns, whether Gateway Cities, or other types of communities, can benefit from the ideas and examples discussed at this event," Charlene observed.

    Other speakers included the newly re-elected Mayor of Lawrence, Dan Rivera, former Mayor of Fitchburg Lisa Wong, and Arthur Jemison, Director of Housing and Revitalization, City of Detroit.

    The cities of Fitchburg and Leominster are both designated Gateway Cities.

    Charlene DiCalogero campaign collects signatures from all 11 Worcester & Middlesex municipalities to get on the ballot

    Volunteers, led by State Senate candidate Charlene DiCalogero, fanned out to collect signatures from voters registered in the 11 towns and cities of the north central MA district of Worcester & Middlesex to get her on the ballot this December 5th.

    "It was great to meet voters of all ages and backgrounds at events like the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Leominster, the Sterling Community Theater, and at Farmers Markets throughout the area, who support a real choice for voters this fall," said the candidate. "I'm proud to say that we got our required signatures certified and papers filed days ahead of the state deadline." While collecting signatures, she listened to voters' questions and concerns about issues such as education, elder care, and the need for more different kinds of activities and businesses in some of our towns.

    She looks forward to meeting many more residents in the coming weeks before the December election for the seat vacated by Jen Flanagan in August.

    From Charlene's run for State Representative, 2016:

    Charlene signs Clean Money for Climate Pledge sponsored by Better Future Action--and goes one better

    It wasn't hard for Charlene DiCalogero to sign the Clean Money for Climate Pledge sponsored by Better Future Action (BFA). BFA asks MA candidates to "pledge not to take campaign contributions from climate polluters so that the public can be confident that my votes on energy policy are in the best interests of my constituents." 

    The pledge specifies that candidates promise to refuse $200 or more from officers, lobbyists or employees from BP, Chevron, Eversource, Exxon Mobil, Global Partners, Global Petroleum, Kinder Morgan, National Grid, Shell and Spectra Energy.

    Charlene, as a Green-Rainbow Party of MA candidate, responded enthusiastically, writing on September 1st,

    I would be pleased to sign onto your pledge--as a Green-Rainbow Party candidate, I have already pledged to refuse campaign contributions from any corporate lobbyist, or officer of any corporation that lobbies, in any amount.

    And she goes one better: Charlene has capped the amount any individual may give to her campaign to $100/year, instead of accepting up to the state's legal limit on candidate contributions of $1,000. She said, "Ben Franklin, born in Massachusetts, is on the $100 bill. I think he'd be appalled at the stranglehold wealthy donors and corporations now have on the democracy he helped found.

    "I decided Ben would be my guiding spirit, the symbol of my focus on listening to and serving the regular folks in my district, most of whom have been losing out over the last 35 years.

    "We, the 99%, want and deserve a decent life for ourselves and our families. We deserve a government that represents us and protects our lives, livelihoods and our Commonwealth, which in the largest sense is the planet all humans and living things share."

    Charlene is one of 67 candidates to sign the pledge as of October 8, 2016. As of that date, the incumbent, Harold Naughton, Jr, had not appeared on the list.

    "Green, and in Massachusetts, Green-Rainbow candidates are the most likely to act quickly and meaningfully to stop global warming," the State Rep candidate stated. "We are outside the two corporate party machines, run by and for corporations like the 10 listed above."

    "Those parties will continue to accept untold millions from the fossil fuel industry, no matter what an individual Democrat or Republican candidate pledges. If you want real change now, going Green is the way to go."

    More climate change activists will have a chance to meet Charlene DiCalogero and other Green-Rainbow Party members at the Central MA Natural Gas Pipeline Forum on October 15th, from 11am to 3:30pm, at Worcester State University, May St. Building, 486 Chandler St, Worcester.

    On the campaign trail: Going Green with Charlene

    The Worcester Telegram & Gazette June 8, 2016, editorial, And Winners Are listed Charlene DiCalogero as one of the few candidates in Central Mass running a competitive race this election year. Under 40% of state representative districts in our region offer the voters a choice in either the September primary or the November general election in 2016.

    We appreciate the paper's support for more candidates to run irrespective of party affiliation, for as the editors conclude,

    "... we all lose without a debate and a choice." 

    Keeping communities together: defending people against foreclosure

    In support of the heroic efforts of the MA Alliance Against Predatory Lending to pass legislation protecting homeowners from the explosion of foreclosures in MA, many of which are likely illegal, Charlene had two letters to the editor published in July:

    We need pre-foreclosure mediation, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, July 7, 2016:

    "Three towns in the State House district where I live are particularly hard hit: Clinton, Lancaster and Sterling, with double the rate of foreclosures compared to the state as a whole, and likely to rise."

    Legislature should ok pre-foreclosure mediation, Sentinel and Enterprise, July 7, 2016

    "There are currently 212 homes in some stage of foreclosure in Fitchburg alone."

    Charlene called State Senator Jen Flanagan, and also asked municipal leaders to send letters in support of allowing municipalities to require pre-foreclosure mediation. As with much important legislation this session, this bill, which could have kept owners and their renters in their homes, helped stabilize local economies, and keep wealth from being lifted wholesale out-of-state, failed to pass.

    As State Representative, Charlene DiCalogero will champion legislation that defends ordinary people against the big banks that created the foreclosure crisis to begin with, and continue to hurt communities while lining their pockets with ill-gotten gains.

    Saving our Climate and Environment, and Advocating for Good Jobs

    On July 18th, Charlene rallied with a loud, joyful and determined crowd for the conclusion of the People Over Pipelines March at the State House. While some improved provisions for renewable energy were passed in this session’s energy bill, the climate needs more advocates in the House—Charlene will help pass a better bill next session, if you help get her there!

    At the Attorney General’s Listening Session on Energy and the Environment at Mass Audubon Broadmeadow Brook in Worcester on June 13th, with over 60 in attendance, Charlene was applauded for speaking out in favor of repairing gas pipeline leaks, and against the pipeline tax and any new pipeline construction.

    Charlene spoke at the Department of Public Utilities hearing on March 10th, opposing new gas pipelines and Governor Baker’s bid to impose a ratepayers’ tax on utility bills so Eversource and National Grid can profit no matter what happens while we pay. As a Berlin Town Meeting member, she conveyed Berlin’s vote to uphold Article 97, which protects conservation lands from being built on.

    She reminded the DPU that the Attorney General’s report concluded that new gas pipelines are unneeded, especially if we repair leaks of existing pipelines and enhance energy efficiency of our homes. Both of these actions would also create more good jobs in the state. 

    Present at the hearing were groups such as, Mothers Out Front, and many others, so many that two overflow rooms had to be opened for attendees.

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    How would you like to help?

    As a member of the grassroots Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, Charlene's campaign runs on people power, and we need you!

    We have lots of opportunities for you to participate in our historic race for the 99%. Please click on the jobs you'd be interested in, or tell us how else you'd like to help in the comment box below.

    Every minute and every person counts at this critical time, so seize the moment, and get involved! Become a volunteer

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    Spread the word

    Help us find the supporters, volunteers and voters needed to help the 12th Worcester and the State House Go Green with Charlene this fall!

    Let your friends and family from in and around the area know about Charlene DiCalogero's historic run for State Representative in 2020 as the alternative to business-as-usual in east central Mass. Tweet, Facebook, email, and

    talk about Charlene's race for the 99%!


    Start recruiting

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    For the 99%

    Charlene DiCalogero has been a lifelong activist working for the public good. Since first demonstrating at City Hall at the age of twelve to support public education, she has been a consistent advocate for the 99%. 

    Public Service

    Charlene DiCalogero was elected Library Trustee in Berlin in 2017, and served in her 3rd year as Chair. In the course of her 3-year term, she has been a leader in mobilizing support from constituents, and advocating for increased state funding of libraries all over the state, which resulted in FY2020 funding increases above the original amount requested by the Mass Board of Library Commissioners.

    She also advocated at a State House hearing on the library construction bond bill to recognize the realities of increased building costs, and to get more funds for libraries needing to renovate or replace outdated facilities.

    Charlene has enjoyed working with library staff, trustees, and Friends of the Library in numerous meetings to support a long-range vision for the Berlin Public Library. She won funds at Annual Town Meeting and then met with numerous town officials and the Mass Dept of Environmental Protection to come up with a solution to replace the building's septic system on its small and difficult site, while preserving limited parking and access to our children's room on the building's lower level.

    In the first year of her term, she served as Auditor of the library budget.


    Charlene has worked for small and large nonprofits, higher education, and businesses.


    • She won millions in grants for high quality teacher professional development for early intervention
    • oversaw multi-million dollar budgets at major public libraries and universities for adult and children's literacy, and graduate level teaching, training and research grants in health services, psychology, and science education.


    • Charlene testified at the State House in support of bills to help people avoid unnecessary and even illegal foreclosures.
    • Charlene researched and publicized the effects of teaching adults to use tools to better advocate for themselves.

    Mental Health and Addiction Rehabilitation Services

    • She helped hundreds of women obtain benefits to pay for drug rehabilitation and mental health treatment in a halfway house and shelter.

    For businesses:

    • Charlene collaborated with group of families and individuals to build 68 green homes including 14 moderate-income, while preserving 25 acres of green space, increasing the Berlin, MA, tax base, and helping the town meet its Ch. 40B affordable goals.
    • As co-leader of of Sawyer Hill EcoVillage's membership and marketing committee, she sought out and supported 14 families through the application process to buy affordable homes, in addition to market-rate individuals and families.
    • She has worked for businesses in software and the arts.


    Charlene has advocated for the 12th Worcester district and state for well over a decade, and on national issues for most of her life. 

    For a True Democracy, Charlene:

    • Organized to get the Ranked Choice Voting ballot initiative on the 2020 MA ballot that voters can pass this November 3rd. The Green-Rainbow Party of MA, of which she is current co-chair, is an endorser of this initiative. 
    • Collected signatures from district voters, and advocated with public officials for a MA state amendment and federal amendment, to affirm that only human beings may vote and contribute money to campaigns; and to get big corporations and big money out of Mass and U.S. politics and government.
    • Refuses to accept money from lobbyists, officers of for-profit businesses that lobby, or SuperPACs.
    • Seeks to transform elections and government for fairness and transparency.

    For the Economy, Charlene:

    • Led a regional council, advocating for an economy that works for the 99%.
    • Advocated for state bills to help people and communities affected by rising foreclosures through permitting municipalities to require pre-foreclosure mediation, and local governments to deal with the health and safety issues surrounding foreclosure.
    • Organized demonstrations against big banks for profiteering through illegal subprime mortgages, illegally foreclosing many thousands of homes in MA and nationally.

    For the Climate and Environment, Charlene:

    • As a member of 350 Central Mass, was a co-founder of the Worcester Climate Strike Coalition in 2019. This coalition of groups in and around Worcester created events all through September 2019 to harness the growing alarm of people of all ages and communities about the climate emergency in a series of demonstrations, film discussions and workshops, culminating in two Climate Strikes that drew hundreds of people to Worcester City Hall to demand action.
    • Participated in the writing of the Climate Emergency Declaration that was passed unanimously by the Worcester City Council in September 2019.
    • Spoke at the Mass Transit listening session hosted by MassPort and the Union of Concerned Scientists to discuss the need for expanded transportation networks, increased Park N Rides for carpooling, and to ask for electric public buses and school buses in north central Mass. These green economy improvements would support increased and better employment for residents, more economic activity for business, and reduce fossil fuel pollution and stressful commutes, improving our health.
    • Demonstrated at the State House to block the building of dangerous, unneeded gas pipelines in MA, and support accelerated building of renewable energy systems.
    • Testified at a Department of Public Utilities hearing in opposition to the Governor's proposed new tax on National Grid and Eversource customers to pay for gas pipelines not yet built, to protect the profits of wealthy and irresponsible utilities and fossil fuel companies.
    • Voted at Berlin Town Meeting to uphold Article 97 to protect conservation lands from having gas pipelines built on them.
    • Spoke at the Attorney General's Listening Session in Worcester on Energy and the Environment, for requiring utilities to fix existing gas pipeline leaks, which cost ratepayers money for gas they don't use, and damages their health and adds to global warming. Requiring utilities to make these fixes will increase job opportunities, and should include a requirement to train people in areas with high un- and under-employment.

    For Education, Charlene:

    • Garnered support for the MA Fair Share Amendment, to raise additional revenue for public education and transportation infrastructure, from those who can most afford it.
    • Opposed the MA ballot question that would have increased the number of charter schools, stealing even more money from our under-resourced and inequitably funded public schools.

    For Social Justice and Peace, Charlene:

    • As GRP co-chair, has issued statements asking members to take action in support of:
      • the Movement for Black Lives, racial justice, and an end to systemic racism;
      • immigrants' rights (supporting the states' Safe Communities Act and the Work and Family Mobility bills);
      • the tribal sovereignty of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe; and
      • opposition to any U.S. military or covert intervention in Venezuela. 
    • Stood with vigilers at a MA store selling weaponry, and supports the ban on all assault weapons.
    • Demonstrated in support of women imprisoned for defending themselves against rapists and violent partners.
    • Taught personal safety techniques, and discussed the causes and effects of personal and systemic violence, with groups of people most at risk of being targeted for violence, including children and women, people of color, people with disabilities, poor people and LGBTQ people.
    • Blocked traffic with a spontaneous sit-down in the middle of Sixth Avenue in New York City along with hundreds of other demonstrators to protest the 1986 Bowers v. Hardwick Supreme Court decision (since reversed), which upheld Georgia's discriminatory law used to arrest same-sex couples for consensual sexual activities in the privacy of their own homes.
    • Participated in the March for Women's Lives in Washington, DC, in support of women's right to make our own reproductive choices, in consultation with our medical providers, and without costly, discriminatory, deceptive, and potentially health-threatening barriers to reproductive education and healthcare, birth control, abortion or prenatal care.
    • Participated in nonviolent civil disobedience at the South African consulate to spotlight the U.S. government's support of the apartheid regime of the 1980s.
    • Walked in peace marches opposed to the Iraq war and military interventions in Central America.
    • Performed at fundraisers for nonprofit and community groups, including church-sponsored causes.


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