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    Let's support this grassroots campaign!

    $1,505.00 raised
    GOAL: $3,000.00

    Charlene is Clean, Green, and in need of cash!Charlene_speaking1.jpg

    As a grassroots candidate, I pledge to take no money from lobbyists, officers of for-profit corporations who lobby, or SuperPACs.

    In addition, I want to keep this a campaign of, by and for the regular people, so I am accepting a maximum of $200 per year from any individual. This is 1/5th the amount legally permitted by Massachusetts.

    Please give what you can, so my message can reach the voters.



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    How would you like to help?

    As a member of the grassroots Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, Charlene's campaign runs on people power, and we need you!

    We have lots of opportunities for you to participate in our historic race for the 99%. Please click on the jobs you'd be interested in, or tell us how else you'd like to help in the comment box below.

    Every minute and every person counts at this critical time, so seize the moment, and get involved! Become a volunteer

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