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This video is an overview of what I stand for as a candidate for State Senator: 11 views and values I hold for our 11 towns and cities, seen here in a video shot by supporter Jay Cross with help from Josiah Cross.

Charlene DiCalogero interviewed on WPKZ drive-time radio broadcast

On Tuesday, November 28th, Green-Rainbow candidate Charlene DiCalogero was the first State Senate candidate to be interviewed on "Morning Kommute with Travis and Sherman," the morning drive-time show on 105.3FM/AM1280 WPKZ. The segment was also streamed live at . The candidate addressed questions on education, the state's criminal justice reform bill, and her principled low-donations clean money campaign.


Charlene_w_Fburg_sign.jpgCharlene congratulates Fitchburg Pride on Gateway Cities Award

Charlene DiCalogero, as part of her commitment to support all the towns and cities of the Worcester and Middlesex district, attended the 5th annual Gateway Cities Innovation Institute Summit and Awards, presented by MassInc in Lawrence, MA on November 15th. Fitchburg Pride was one of 8 organizations to win the Gateway Cities Innovation Award. She congratulated Marc Dohan, one of the Board members of the nonprofit, whose mission is to provide "support, training, publicity, networking opportunities, and guidance for existing and potential businesses within the city of Fitchburg, MA."

During the summit, focused on "Building Vibrant Places," she met numerous leaders in the fields of community development, including the keynote speaker Mark Davy, an internationally recognized thought-leader in the ­fields of creative placemaking and cultural branding. "I believe our cities and towns, whether Gateway Cities, or other types of communities, can benefit from the ideas and examples discussed at this event," Charlene observed.

Other speakers included the newly re-elected Mayor of Lawrence, Dan Rivera, former Mayor of Fitchburg Lisa Wong, and Arthur Jemison, Director of Housing and Revitalization, City of Detroit.

The cities of Fitchburg and Leominster are both designated Gateway Cities.

Charlene DiCalogero campaign collects signatures from all 11 Worcester & Middlesex municipalities to get on the ballot

Volunteers, led by State Senate candidate Charlene DiCalogero, fanned out to collect signatures from voters registered in the 11 towns and cities of the north central MA district of Worcester & Middlesex to get her on the ballot this December 5th.

"It was great to meet voters of all ages and backgrounds at events like the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Leominster, the Sterling Community Theater, and at Farmers Markets throughout the area, who support a real choice for voters this fall," said the candidate. "I'm proud to say that we got our required signatures certified and papers filed days ahead of the state deadline." While collecting signatures, she listened to voters' questions and concerns about issues such as education, elder care, and the need for more different kinds of activities and businesses in some of our towns.

She looks forward to meeting many more residents in the coming weeks before the December election for the seat vacated by Jen Flanagan in August.

From Charlene's run for State Representative, 2016:

Charlene signs Clean Money for Climate Pledge sponsored by Better Future Action--and goes one better

It wasn't hard for Charlene DiCalogero to sign the Clean Money for Climate Pledge sponsored by Better Future Action (BFA). BFA asks MA candidates to "pledge not to take campaign contributions from climate polluters so that the public can be confident that my votes on energy policy are in the best interests of my constituents." 

The pledge specifies that candidates promise to refuse $200 or more from officers, lobbyists or employees from BP, Chevron, Eversource, Exxon Mobil, Global Partners, Global Petroleum, Kinder Morgan, National Grid, Shell and Spectra Energy.

Charlene, as a Green-Rainbow Party of MA candidate, responded enthusiastically, writing on September 1st,

I would be pleased to sign onto your pledge--as a Green-Rainbow Party candidate, I have already pledged to refuse campaign contributions from any corporate lobbyist, or officer of any corporation that lobbies, in any amount.

And she goes one better: Charlene has capped the amount any individual may give to her campaign to $100/year, instead of accepting up to the state's legal limit on candidate contributions of $1,000. She said, "Ben Franklin, born in Massachusetts, is on the $100 bill. I think he'd be appalled at the stranglehold wealthy donors and corporations now have on the democracy he helped found.

"I decided Ben would be my guiding spirit, the symbol of my focus on listening to and serving the regular folks in my district, most of whom have been losing out over the last 35 years.

"We, the 99%, want and deserve a decent life for ourselves and our families. We deserve a government that represents us and protects our lives, livelihoods and our Commonwealth, which in the largest sense is the planet all humans and living things share."

Charlene is one of 67 candidates to sign the pledge as of October 8, 2016. As of that date, the incumbent, Harold Naughton, Jr, had not appeared on the list.

"Green, and in Massachusetts, Green-Rainbow candidates are the most likely to act quickly and meaningfully to stop global warming," the State Rep candidate stated. "We are outside the two corporate party machines, run by and for corporations like the 10 listed above."

"Those parties will continue to accept untold millions from the fossil fuel industry, no matter what an individual Democrat or Republican candidate pledges. If you want real change now, going Green is the way to go."

More climate change activists will have a chance to meet Charlene DiCalogero and other Green-Rainbow Party members at the Central MA Natural Gas Pipeline Forum on October 15th, from 11am to 3:30pm, at Worcester State University, May St. Building, 486 Chandler St, Worcester.

On the campaign trail: Going Green with Charlene

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette June 8, 2016, editorial, And Winners Are listed Charlene DiCalogero as one of the few candidates in Central Mass running a competitive race this election year. Under 40% of state representative districts in our region offer the voters a choice in either the September primary or the November general election in 2016.

We appreciate the paper's support for more candidates to run irrespective of party affiliation, for as the editors conclude,

"... we all lose without a debate and a choice." 

Keeping communities together: defending people against foreclosure

In support of the heroic efforts of the MA Alliance Against Predatory Lending to pass legislation protecting homeowners from the explosion of foreclosures in MA, many of which are likely illegal, Charlene had two letters to the editor published in July:

We need pre-foreclosure mediation, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, July 7, 2016:

"Three towns in the State House district where I live are particularly hard hit: Clinton, Lancaster and Sterling, with double the rate of foreclosures compared to the state as a whole, and likely to rise."

Legislature should ok pre-foreclosure mediation, Sentinel and Enterprise, July 7, 2016

"There are currently 212 homes in some stage of foreclosure in Fitchburg alone."

Charlene called State Senator Jen Flanagan, and also asked municipal leaders to send letters in support of allowing municipalities to require pre-foreclosure mediation. As with much important legislation this session, this bill, which could have kept owners and their renters in their homes, helped stabilize local economies, and keep wealth from being lifted wholesale out-of-state, failed to pass.

As State Representative, Charlene DiCalogero will champion legislation that defends ordinary people against the big banks that created the foreclosure crisis to begin with, and continue to hurt communities while lining their pockets with ill-gotten gains.

Saving our Climate and Environment, and Advocating for Good Jobs

On July 18th, Charlene rallied with a loud, joyful and determined crowd for the conclusion of the People Over Pipelines March at the State House. While some improved provisions for renewable energy were passed in this session’s energy bill, the climate needs more advocates in the House—Charlene will help pass a better bill next session, if you help get her there!

At the Attorney General’s Listening Session on Energy and the Environment at Mass Audubon Broadmeadow Brook in Worcester on June 13th, with over 60 in attendance, Charlene was applauded for speaking out in favor of repairing gas pipeline leaks, and against the pipeline tax and any new pipeline construction.

Charlene spoke at the Department of Public Utilities hearing on March 10th, opposing new gas pipelines and Governor Baker’s bid to impose a ratepayers’ tax on utility bills so Eversource and National Grid can profit no matter what happens while we pay. As a Berlin Town Meeting member, she conveyed Berlin’s vote to uphold Article 97, which protects conservation lands from being built on.

She reminded the DPU that the Attorney General’s report concluded that new gas pipelines are unneeded, especially if we repair leaks of existing pipelines and enhance energy efficiency of our homes. Both of these actions would also create more good jobs in the state. 

Present at the hearing were groups such as, Mothers Out Front, and many others, so many that two overflow rooms had to be opened for attendees.

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